Reflection of an Echo's Mail Bag

Reflection and Action. Pleasure and Necessity. Times, we do sit -we admit it- watching the souls flutter away to the horizon, life. We await the immediacy of ourselves; latter, the onslaught of reality. First, a blossoming of the senses; then of the meani gs. Yes, there is a tide, a sea, and our eyes, momentarily, grip darling waves as if commanding, from within, their intensions. But you, sea, great, terrible reality, watch us as well. Aren't you...? Are you attentive to the calls of duty? I love them as I love myself. Can you give reflection to the winds of necessity? Reality will embrace thought, in life, as the sea will embrace ashes, in death... Walk through reflection, encarnate the earth... as I am born to you, sea, wellspring of life... and you will have known knowledge concretely, as I, having taken my heart to my hands, dear poetess.
-Angélica Torres

hi jessica! i saw your name in the WVA guestbook, and i used to know a jessica duncan, and i was kinda wondering if you were her. so if you're the jessica duncan that used to live in merced, ca. then hi! if not, i'm sorry, but i think it's cool that you have a web site! love, tricia bauer
-Patricia Bauer

No, I am sorry, I am not the Jessica Duncan you knew in Merced, CA. I hope you find her. -Jessica Duncan